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How Does Pubfunnels...

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The 5 Key Elements You Need Right Now

There for you, out of the box...

Most authors will spend a year figuring out what they need, and then trying to implement it.

That is why Pubfunnels addresses them from the get go. Your Web System needs your home site, a blog, optin funnels, sales funnels, a way to build and connect with your audience and your high value offers, like courses or coaching programs.

You shouldn't have to figure out how to connect all these things. Your job is to create and teach.

Build your Hub as a Funnel or Website or Both

Unlimited and Crazy Easy Funnels

You may like to view your pages as funnels, you may like them as org-chart-style sites. With Pubfunnels, you can do all of the above.

Our all-in-one platform allows you to mix and match, and get your visitors to take the actions you want them to with our beautiful and easy to design and edit pages.

Ever had trouble trying to drag something up or down on your page? (We're looking at you, you other "all-in-one" platforms!) Not on Pubfunnels, you can easily select components, drag them or simply move them by arrows. No hidden icons to click because the section is too small, we make it easy.

Oh, and want to preview the page? Just takes one click, not ten.

Want to see more samples, go here.

Watch the demo on Funnels, Sites and Page Editing

Start Creating Content Instantly

Built-In Blog, Just Hit Post

Watch the demo on Simple Blog Posting

You might think Steve Jobs invented our Blog.

Remember when he told the iTunes developers he only wanted one button on the iTunes, "Burn."

When you click on Blog inside Pubfunnels, there is no creation or setup required.

Just one button... "Post."

And you can add your blog to any page or funnel on your site. Want a main blog with all posts on your "blog" page? Done. Want a special page that only features certain posts? Done. Want your best of posts on your home page? Done. All it takes is a one-click filter. No futzing around with hidden Wordpress settings, templates or embed codes.

Get Your Course Started Today

Guided Course Creation

Let's face it, you don't need to pay $100s of dollars a month to store your courses on a "specialized" course platform. Most of those provide very limited email and web page functionality. You pay extra for the complication of integrating, and on top of it all, you almost also have to pay additional transaction fees on top of the monthly fee.

What the?

Course creation on the Pubfunnels Platform is easy and professional looking. With what we call "fast offers" for freebies or participation in stacks and bundles, you can have something up and running for your next contribution with ease.

Oh yea, and if you want a special sub-domain for your course area, it doesn't cost extra (sorry not sorry "big" guys).

Take Complete Control with

Comprehensive Workflows

Gone are the days of not being able to do what you want to. With Pubfunnels workflows, you are more likely to never try all the options than you are to run out.

Want to receive a text for every new sale? Done.

Want to run a just in time evergreen webinar? Done.

Want to base your entire workflow around a fixed date or a dynamic landing date? Done.

How about an end of month sales campaign, automatically every month? Done.

The limit just might be your imagination.

Complete Control of Your Email

Your Email and Conversations

Ever try to find something a client or prospect talked about a few months ago? You search through your email, and just can't find it, but you know it is there.

It can be a nightmare to run your business that way.

Say hello to Pubfunnels conversations. All of your conversations can be tracked and performed inside the app.

Want to see everything you talked about? You can set Pubfunnels to respond to Emails and SMS inside the contact, all in the app. And with unlimited contacts, that is pretty darn cool.

You can also set Pubfunnels to send FROM your domain, not ON BEHALF OF, which can have a long term positive impact on your business. Too techie for you? No problem, our one-on-one onboarding specialists will get you set up in a jiffy.

No More Searching For Stuff

Full System Organization

If you have ever tried to find something, an image you uploaded, a funnel, a workflow in some of the all-in-one systems out there, it can be a nightmare. Pubfunnels has folders in virtually every aspect of the software.

Want to store all your opt-in workflows in one spot? Done.

How about multi-tiered folders for all of your images, and opt-in PDFs? Done.

Simple things can save you 10s or 100s of hours a year, just by letting you be organized in your hub software.

Easily Move From Other Systems

Migration to Pubfunnels Made Easy

Creating items in Pubfunnels is so easy, it also makes migrating easy. In fact, if you are coming from Clickfunnels, you can directly copy the funnels you have rights to over with both apps open in your browser.

The Site and Funnel editor makes cloning and improving your site extremely painless. The course and membership creator doesn't have any "funky" editor (like most other platforms) that make it hard to cut and paste. You will be able to cut and paste all your content with ease.

Oh, and by the way, our video hosting upload speeds embarass the other guys (but you can also embed nearly any video, or direct connect to your videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

Real Time Support When You Need It Most

In-App Chat Support

Have to send an email to get support?

Been there, done that.

Support can be the downfall of any shiny new toy. If you can't get something working, it will stop you in your tracks.

That is why we were obsessed with having a 24/7 (non-email) support system. And we are proud to say, we think it is best-in-class.

Just access our live help chat and help is minutes away.

Remove All Those Other Subscriptions with one Product

Save on Cost and Complexity

You Can Get Rid of...

All The Other Expensive Subscriptions That You Have To String Together

  • Salesforce, Hubspot, Ontraport

  • Calendly, ScheduleOnce, Acuity

  • Clickfunnels, Kartra, Squarespace, Wix

  • Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Membervault

  • ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Mailerlite

  • A Tech VA, or contracting a designer for every little change

Then simply and easily run your

author web system with Pubfunnels.

Isn't that cool?

As You Grow, Avoid All The Extra Costs

Plus as a Founding Member you get

Founding Member Bonuses

  • One-on-One Unlimited Onboarding

  • Weekly onboarding calls via our Pub Crawl meetings

  • Grandfathered pricing on our Premium Package forever

  • Pubuniversity Training, with specific emphasis on Author Web Systems* (coming soon)

  • Best-in-class Customer Service Chat (no support ticket required)

  • An Early Start to your new and final Web System

  • Author Templates for your site, opt-ins, Amazon Funnels, Courses and Email Campaigns

Just in Case you are Wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Pubfunnels™?

We call our software Pubfunnels™, because we wanted to make business hub software (funnels, products, courses, CRM, etc) "author friendly." The software is fully functional for every type of entrepreneur and business. But we have added some special sauce and extra features to help the publishing community, hence Pubfunnels™.

How does support work?

There is a support chat bot right inside the app, where you can get answers in minutes. And believe us when we say, our biggest pet peeve is when something is not working, and you have to login somewhere else, submit a ticket and hope you get an email back in 5 days. The world doesn't work like that, and you shouldn't have to either. Our 24/7 chat staff generally answers in minutes.

You can also get started with our one-on-one onboarding service, that helps you get set up right away.

Is Pubfunnels™ just for authors?

The software is fully functional for every type of entrepreneur and business. But we have added some special sauce and extra features to help the publishing community, hence Pubfunnels™.

Can I pick and choose what features I want to use?

This is usually the issue in deciding to make a new move, what is the cost and what features do I have to give up?

There are no complicated plans to compare, just our unlimited plan (an insanely good lifetime rate for our founding members).

We know our platform is best in class, so it almost always comes down to price. In our case, we took that worry away as well.

The biggest issue is always moving over to new software. Why are you different about helping us?

We completely agree. Moving your home, you cell phone, and especially your software can be painful. That is why our goal is to make this your last software move. To do that, we know you need help and success quickly. That is why we have our top technicians assigned to our unlimited one-on-one onboarding. Because once you get up and running, we know you are going to love Pubfunnels™. So don't dread the move, all you need is to get started.

What payment gateways to you support?

Pubfunnels™ supports Stripe and Paypal, with direct connections. And there is no added transaction fee, like many of the so-called "course" platforms impose.

How Secure Is My Customer Data?

In 2021, data privacy and security is every company's obligation. That's why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, as well as provide extra protection against security breaches.

Is your software mature?

Yes. Instead of starting from scratch, we went out and found the best in class software in each category (and we have tried most everything out there), then we licensed, integrated and branded (white-labeled) it. Then we customized it specifically for authors and entrepreneurs

We license multiple products, but they are tightly integrated under the covers. The core software has been supporting over 10,000 private-label customers over the past few years, and we’ve partnered with them directly for our specific customer needs.

We have built in custom templates for authors like Bookfunnels, Amazon Funnels, Virtual Summits, along with some of our flagship programs to make Pubfunnels™ the game changer business hub for our audience. Of course, you don't have to be an author to realize this software will make an incredible impact on your platform and business.

What Platforms Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. However, for obscure products, we also can use Zapier, Webhooks, Integrately and other connectors to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease.

What is your Email Policy?

We do not charge for number of contacts, instead we charge you for emails sent (most companies do both with an overage policy). You also get the first 10,000 email free each month. See our complete policy:https://pubfunnels.com/emailpolicy.

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