Pubfunnels Presents

The Rapid Course Creation Workshop

Move from procrastination to proficient course creation by applying a simple 3-step framework. Over the past couple of years, I have created over 20 courses. They vary from sprint courses, to marathon flagship courses. But they have one thing in common, the framework I use is always the same. In this is informal workshop, I share my simple but highly effective strategies and tech for course creation including...

  • 3 Simple Steps to a High Quality Course

  • Design a course to match the vision you create for your ideal prospect

  • Why a course is not something you should wait to create, and how to start now

  • How to use feedback to improve your content

  • How to get paid before you create your course

The course won't be for sale at the workshop. I am sharing it so you can get an inside look at how this system works, and I get my info organized for the creation of the course.

Thursday, April 13, 3pm EST / 12pm PST

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